Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute


YCRDI was established in 1956 by decision of The Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Institute was engaged in R&D projection, production of prototypes of the universal and special computers, operational storage devices, secondary power supply, the creation of automated systems of hardware and software complexes by orders of the Union Ministries.

Developments of YCRDI found wide application in in the national economy of the USSR as well as in scientific, industrial and military areas. It contains a wide range of applications starting from the tube computers of first generation, the first Soviet semiconductor computer "Hrazdan" and the first small-sized "Nairi" computer - with microprogram control and built-in auto-programming language – before the computers on large and ultra-large integrated circuits, specialized computing complexes and large-scale headquarters automated control systems created for special purposes. Collaboration with leading SRI of the USSR and Eastern Europe, with the best factories manufacturing serial production developed by YCRDI , allowed to accumulate a huge experience in development, implementation and operation of the computers of four generations, complexes and automated control. For Armenia, the institute played the role of a coordinating center, and its formation was reflected in the development of a number of related areas of science and technology: the National Academy of Sciences, universities, industrial research and production complexes.

The council for awarding scientific degrees of YCRDI gave an opportunity for scientists of the institute and other institutions of the republic to defend 50 dissertations for the award of the scientific degree of candidate of science and 10 - doctor of science. Five co-employees of the institute became academicians of the NAS Armenia. Institute staff published 16 monographs, 52 scientific technical collections and received 380 copyright certificates. YCRDI carried out a wide exchange of experience with related institutions of the USSR. Regularly scientific and technical conferences, forums, meetings and discussions of specialists were organized. The Institute was in the center of attention of the country's government. It was repeatedly visited by representatives of the highest leaders of the USSR, leaders and delegations of a number of states in Europe and Asia.

The Institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for fruitful research and production activities. The teams of the institute's subdivisions for the successful implementation of the most important developments were awarded: the Lenin Prize in the field of science and technology (twice), the USSR State Prize in the field of science and technology (four times), the State Prize of the Armenian SSR in the field of science and technology (five times), the Lenin Komsomol Prize of the USSR in in the field of science and technology (twice), the prize of the Leninist Komsomol of the Armenian SSR in the field of science and technology, the prize of the President of the Republic of Armenia. After the proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Armenia, the institute directed its scientific and technical potential to solve the urgent tasks of the state in the field of ensuring defense and security. In a short time, the available samples of special weapons and military equipment were studied.

The tasks of their maintenance, repair, restoration, and further - modernization and integration have been solved. Various automated systems for command and control of troops and weapons are being created. At the same time, work began on the development of information systems for civil purposes of various state structures, ministries and departments of the Republic of Armenia. Today, the institute employs two academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia - laureates of the Lenin Prize of the USSR, two doctors of sciences, 16 candidates of sciences.

With an agreement between governments, shares CJSC " YCRDI " which were owned by the Republic of Armenia, were transferred to the Government of the Russian Federation in 2002. The sole shareholder of CJSC "YCRDI" is the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency on state’s property management.

Sole executive management body is OJSC "RTI", which is included in the structure of the AFK group of companies "Sistema". OJSC AFK "Sistema" is the largest in Russia and the CIS public diversified financial company. Formed in 1993, AFC "Sistema" is currently in the TOP-10 of Russian companies by revenue and is one of largest investment companies in the world.