Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute


"Reper" is a software complex for artillery fire control.


  • Calculation of the installation of D1, D20, D30, D44, 2S2, 2S3, KS19, BM21, 2A36, PM artillery systems with complete or incomplete preparation, taking into account meteorological conditions,
  • Solution of topographical problems,
  • Determination of it's own coordinates by the GPS system,
  • Accumulation and processing of reconnaissance data,
  • Compilation, development and storage of relevant certificates (statements) on the martial, technical and logistical support of the artillery division;
  • Automated exchange of telecode information between combat units of the division,
  • Documentation, registration and archiving of operational information.

"Reper's" working conditions are designed for difficult climatic and mechanical conditions.

In exploitation.