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Electronic library system  "ELGRAD-1"

Electronic library system  "ELGRAD-1" is designed to automate the management of all library functions and has already been implemented and successfully operates in the central library named after A. Isahakyan, Republic of Armenia.

The electronic library system "ELGRAD-1" is aimed to:

  • Ensuring the safety of printed materials, primarily rare and valuable books and materials,
  • Creation of conditions for greater accessibility of the content of printed materials, as well as e-books, newspapers and magazines,
  • Improving the efficiency of work and training, as well as searching the necessary materials in the libraries.

Any e-books, as well as traditional (paper) literature can be included in the system. It can be used to integrate any libraries into a single electronic network, as well as exchanging information with other existing library systems.

The system "ELGRAD-1" consists of two subsystems:

  • subsystem of reading literature presented in electronic form,
  • subsystem of electronic execution of library functions.