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"Garant-1/ E1"

"Garant-1/ E1" is a cryptographic protection device for standard digital channels "E1".

The device "GARANT-1 / E1" is designed to provide cryptographic protection with guaranteed stability of two standard counter digital channels "E1". It can be used for the formation of corporate networks of confidential telephony based on leased public digital network channels.

Information protection

  • ''GARANT-1 / E1'' provides a guaranteed level of security for the protected information.
  • The product uses a certified cryptographic information encryption algorithm, adapted to the specificity of combined data communication  transmission and voice information in real time.
  • Symmetric keys with a length of 256 bits are used.
  • Keys can be loaded directly into the encryptor, as well as they can be formed according to the principle of an open-source distribution of Diffie-Hellman keys, using the parameters loaded along with the keys.
  • Formation of a session key with periodicity of 1 min.
  • The product provides the ability to make changes in the parameters of a secret key formation directly from the user with the help of special device for key loading (UZK-1).

In exploitation.