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"Chain" is a training complex for operators of the "Metis" anti-tank missile system.

The training complex is a training tool that helps operators of "Metis" anti-tank missile systems acquire stable professional skills. Simulating various combat situations in different weather conditions, the simulator complex provides training for operators in more realistic conditions and an assessment of their actions in a particular situation.

The simulator consists of several networked workplaces: one for instructor and up to three for operators.

The following is simulated on the monitors of all workplaces:

  • location (mountainous, steppe, desert, forest-steppe);
  • time of day (day, night, twilight);
  • season (summer, winter);
  • weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, foggy, rainfall);
  • up to three portable and stationary targets at the specified location;
  • target installation distance: from 500m to 4000m
  • targets movement (frontal, flank or  frontal-flank) on a speed from 10 to 80 km/hour.

Operator’s actions are controlled:

  • objectively - according to the final registered results of evaluation ;
  • subjectively - visually, viewing the situation on the monitor of instructor’s workplace.

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