Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

Scientific and Technical Center N1

 CJSC "YCRDI" is specialized in the field of information technologies, performing works on development, production and outside drainage of scientific and technical products of a wide range.

The creation of new samples of scientific and technical products is carried out by the enterprise as per technical order of the customer, and in an initiative manner at the expense of our own resources.

The capabilities of the enterprise allow performing complex works at all phases of creation scientific and technical products - from design to sample testing.

YCRDI carries out author's supervision of the process of operation of products, as well as their modernization and development.

In the structure of the company function 4 scientific and technical centers.


Develops software and hardware:

  • Information, informative- analytic and automated systems special purpose. Since 1992 institute is engaged in the development of systems for various subject areas by orders of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.
  • Modernization of weapons and military equipment (IWT). By the orders of the RA Ministry of Defense, modernization of several radio-electronic resources is done. The obtained results after tests and trial exploitation are replicated on the next samples of weapons and military equipment.

Training complexes and means of training the staff.

Development of training complexes (TC) started in 2001 on the orders of MO RA.

Since 2004 more than 200 TCs have been manufactured for training shooters MANPADS "Igla", AK-74, SVD, RPG-7, operators of ATGM "Fagot", "Kon- course ”,“ Metis ”were delivered to the RA Armed Forces. Modernization of TC that are in operation is held , as well as new types of them are being created.

  • Complexes of automation equipment for mobile and stationary design. By orders of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia unified complexes of automation equipment (KSA) are developed.

On the basis of these KSA, specialized bathroom fire artillery control systems, radio, electronic intelligence, and air defense command posts are also equipped.

  • Means of providing information security. Several hundred products of various modifications developed on the basis of their own new cryptographic algorithm, certified in the RA and permitted for use in government agencies to protect information, component of the state secret, are operated in structures with the highest requirements to information security.