Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

"Aragats" EC

The main technical characteristics of computer "Aragats"

Operating speed

15000 Operations Per Second

Element base

Electronic lamps

Index number 


Command set

3 addresses 

Number representation

Floating Point 

Ferrite RAM

1024 numbers,and 4096 numbers after improvement 

backing store

Its own magnetic drums (2048 num.) and tapes (40000 num.)


For the “Aragats” machine in institute operative memory devices there were developed based on photo reading devices, magnetic tapes, external drums and ferrite cores. 

The software of the machine was developed by Ashot Petrosyan, Ashot Baghdasaryan, Harutyun  Kochyan, Samvel Petrosyan and others.

Installation and installation of small serial machines "Aragats" were organized at the Experimental Institute under the leadership of Vladimir Chiganova.

A total of 4 "Aragats" machines were created, 2 of which were used in the computer centers of the Armenian and Georgian academies of science, one in one of the Moscow research institutes, and the other in the computer center of the Novosibirsk branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences to solve various problems.

In 1959 Marietta Shahinyan visited the institute. She spoke with admiration about "Aragats", "Yerevan" and "Hrazdan" computers. In "Ogonek" magazine she writes: "The car works wonders ․․․ How can  a car perform these miracles? ”