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"Manushak-T" is an automated station of radio interference.

The radio interference station "Manushak-T" is designed to detect, localize and influence high-frequency stationary radio networks and radio channels in the ultrashort range (30-500 MHz) of tactical control of the enemy troops.

The station provides collection and registration of radio intelligence data, examination and processing of enemy troops at a distance of up to 50 km from the frontal side and from depth up to 20 km of the location, identification of radio signal sources, communication load, and evaluation of the results of impact on interrupted channels. The station provides hardware and software means for organizing data exchange with a higher-level automated command post.

The system of station transmission has directional and "circular" radiation antennas.

The station is controlled from two workstations, which are equipped with high-performance impact-shield computers.

Modern means, devices, radio components and software are used in the station.

"Manushak-T" differs from similar stations mainly by the extended frequency range of radio intelligence and radio suppression equipment.

The station is installed on the МТ-ЛБу tracked all-terrain vehicle.

Station expansion / decomposition time is less than 30 minutes.

In exploitation.