Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

The First Specialists

From the very first day of the organization of the institute, there were no local specialists in the field of computer equipment. There were very few specialists in that field in the whole country.

The first specialists in computer technology created at the institute based on mathematics, physics, radio electronics, electronics, and other exact sciences, became physicists, mathematicians, mechanics, electrical technicians, and designers, even though they were needed  in their very own classical fields.

At the same time, by the orders of the director of the institute, the staffing of the workshops with relevant employees began.

Young specialists were invited from different cities (Moscow, Penza, Rostov, etc.), only a few of whom had some minimum knowledge in the field of computer technology.

There were very few staff to solve the issues assigned, there were no even middle-qualified specialists corresponding to that new direction.

It was necessary to take emergency measures to fill the institute with appropriate staff.

At the initiative of the Institute, the newly recruited young people were quickly sent on a business trip to the All-Union Electromechanical Research Institute in Moscow, to the SKB-245 Moscow Branch in Penza, which is now called the Penza State Scientific-Production Enterprise and other relevant organizations for qualification.

Then, requalification of alumnis of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Yerevan State University and several adjacent faculties of the Polytechnic Institute was organized in Moscow, Leningrad and other cities of the Union to gain some knowledge of creating mathematical machines. 

The graduates were sent for two years of requalification to the All-Union Electromechanical Research Institute in Moscow, headed by Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia Andranik Iosifyan, Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, where Kamo Demirchyan, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, worked as the head of the chair, and other research institutes.

Due to their long-term work, the re-qualified specialists later became well-known scientists, chief designers, heads of departments, leading specialists.

In order to prepare appropriate staff for the institute, in the early 1960s, separate faculties and chairs were established at Yerevan State University and Polytechnic Institute, later, the graduates of which worked mainly at the institute.