Yerevan Computer Research

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"Araks" EC & complex

"Araks" electronic computer and complex

In 1962, the institute began, and in 1964, the development of an electronic computer and a complex built on it (Chief Designer: Henrikh Grigory Belkin).

"Araks" information-computing complex was intended to automate:

  • The process of oil cracking in the country's oil refineries,
  • Measurements and fixation of industrial products,
  • Automatic comparison of industry indicators,
  • Automatic calculations of indicators

This complex consisted of "Araks" computer and "ELRU 3" central control device.

The main technical characteristics of "Araks" computer

Command system

At one address

Working principle


Speech length

24 bits

Operational speed

200–250 ops

The size of the RAM device

680x3 bytes

Long-term memory capacity

187x3 bytes

Buffer memory capacity

17x3 bytes

Data entry devices

ЭЛРУ-3 and ФСУ-3

Data output devices

EPR printing machine, PL-20–2 perforator, digital board

Element base

K-300, ferro transistor elements


1.8 kW


The main technical characteristics of "ELRU 3" device

Sensor type:

Thermocouples, thermometers

Time of registration of all indicators

6 minutes

Measurement and recording deviation


Deviation of comparison of indicators

±0.5– ±1%


1 kW

The operating temperature range of the environment



Participated in the development of "Araks" computer machine and the complex: Ruben Nalbandyan, Henrik Alanakyan, Artyom Kokyanov, Vachik Zadoyan, Rudik Ohanyan, Walter Grigoryan, Eduard Malkhasyan, Leonida Tumoyan, Vigen Minasyan, Anatoly Dolganov and others.

According to the ideas of the Deputy Chief Designer R. Nalbandyan, the construction of the car was built with an original design.

At the end of 1962 Shahnazarov was transferred to another job. The responsibilities of the chief engineer of the institute were temporarily assigned to Boris Evsey Khaykin. He performed those duties until the beginning of 1963.

At the beginning of 1963, Fadey Tachat Sargsyan, who had previously worked as the client's senior representative at the institute, was appointed chief engineer of the institute.