Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

Sergey Mergelyan

Sergey Mkrtich's Mergelyan , born in 1928, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Academician at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, laureate of the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology (1952 ․), was the first director of YCRDI (1956- 1960 ․).

S.M. Mergelyan was one of the initiators for establishing YCRDI. With his direct participation, YCRDI provided an opportunity for the further development of computer and related sciences in the country. 1961 - 1971 he worked at Mathematical Institute of Academic Sciences of the USSR after Steklov. Then (1971 - 1974) he worked as vice-president of Academy of Sciences of Armenia, director of the "Computing Center" of Academy (1974 - 1979), scientist - secretary of the Scientific Department in the Academy of Sciences of Armenia (1979 - 1982), rector of the Pedagogical Institute of the city of Vanadzor (formerly Kirovakan ) (1982 - 1986), and etc. Currently he lives in USA.

By combining scientific and pedagogical activities, S.M. Mergelyan trained a lot of highly qualified scientific workers and specialists in Armenia. He is an author of many scientific works concerning mathematics and computing. He was awarded the Order of "The Red Banner of Labor".