Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute

"CMA RLS P-18"

"CMA RLS P-18" is a complex of means for the automation of radiolocating station "P-18".


  • Automatic detection and tracking of targets based on the primary (coordinate) radar information of the radiolocating station 18 (RLS "P-18"), the formation of the secondary radar (trajectory) information of the air circumstance,
  • Reducing the time of transmission of information concerning the air situation to consumers;
  • Improving the accuracy and reliability of information,
  • The possibility of using information from the air circumstance of the RLS "P-18" radar in the air defense automatic control system.

Solved problems in the complex:

  • Detection of target trajectories and determination of the initial values of their parameters (current position, direction of movement, speed), from a set of radar target data obtained during a series of consecutive cycles (periods) of the radar station survey
  • Highlighting false targets
  • Automatic tracking of detected trajectories (targets) and correction of their parameters, in each cycle of radar observation based on newly obtained coordinate information
  • Display of primary, secondary radar information,
  • Transmission of secondary radar information to the control center
  • Archiving and reproduction of secondary radar information.