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The fourteenth international specialized exhibition "Construction and Interior" was held from May 13-15, 2022 at the "Yerevan Expo" exhibition and presentation center.

More than 120 local and foreign organizations from Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Iran and etc., which represent the field, took part in the exhibition "Construction and Interior" 2022 and present to a consumer innovations and new technologies.

The aim of "Construction and Interior" 2022 is spurring of joint business and investing programs, assisting the investigation of the given sphere and these all has positive effect on the economic growth of the country. The exhibition creates propitious conditions for establishing new business relationships, as well as it contributes the development of small and medium business. It is an excellent opportunity to find business partners in other countries.

The thematic sections of the exhibition was: security systems, banks, and loan organizations, cargo carriage, systems of gas – thermal and water supply, doors and windows, exterior and interior design, interior items (furniture, carpet, service) swimming-pools and saunas, lighting technology, green planting, cleaning services and products, projecting, coloring and protecting materials, construction tools and equipment, construction and interior decoration items, technologies, construction, rebuilding services, systems of heating, ventilation, sanitary engineering and white goods, irrigation systems, water supply and sewerage systems.