Yerevan Computer Research

Development Institute


Automated workplace for equipping (modernization) of the command and staff vehicles and the vehicle of the senior commander of an artillery division battery.

Specialized software:

  • Calculation of indicated firing installations for artillery systems D1, D20, D30, D44, 2S2, 2S3, KS19, BM21, 2A36, PM by full or partial training, taking into account the changes in meteorological conditions.
  • Solution of topographic and geodetic surveying problems.
  • Determination of own coordinate grid using the GPS system.
  • Gathering and developing intelligence.
  • Formation, processing and storage of certificates (applications) for the combat, technical and logistical support of the artillery battalion.
  • Automated telecode information exchange between the elements of the division's battle order.
  • Documentation, registration and archiving of the operational information.